Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Don't Go Near There! 3 Household Dangers That Could Harm Your Cat

by Doris Washington

When it comes to pets, cats are pretty self-contained. Keep them supplied with plenty of fresh food and water, and they'll love you forever. They don't require a lot of hands-on attention, like dogs tend to do. In fact, if you try to pay too much attention to a cat, they may reward you with a stern look and a tail flick. However, when you need a snuggle, they'll be right there to curl up in your lap – as long as it's their idea. Cats are also extremely inquisitive creatures, which can get them into trouble from time-to-time. If you've just welcomed a cat into your family, you should be aware of the potential hazards that could be lurking in, and around, your home. Here are three dangers you should be aware of when you own a cat.

Clothes Dryers

If you own a clothes dryer, and your cat will be anywhere near it, you need to make sure that the door stays closed at all time. Your cat might find the dryer compartment to be a quiet place to rest. If you're not careful, your cat could climb inside the dryer without you knowing it. One wrong turn and your cat could be stuck in the dryer while it's running. To provide your cat the best protection against dryer accidents, leave the door closed when not in use. It's also a good idea to check the dryer before you turn it on. Your cat may have climbed in while you were loading the laundry.


Automobiles are another dangerous place for cats. Unfortunately, they often enjoy climbing up into the wheel wells or engine compartment to seek refuge from the world. If your cat is hiding in the car, you could accidentally kill it before you even knew what happened. To prevent a tragedy, look inside the wheel wells and pat the hood before you start your car. This will allow your cat the opportunity to get out before they're injured.

Garage Doors

If you leave your garage door in the open position, your cat could use the upper shelf – the space between the garage door and the garage ceiling – as a place to hide. If it's there when you close the door, it could become trapped between the house and the garage door frame. Before you close your garage door, check to make sure that your cat is not asleep on the upper garage door shelf.

If you have a cat, there are many household items that can pose serious safety risks to them. Use the information provided here to help keep your cat safe. If your cat is injured in a household accident, be sure to contact an animal hospital such as Cat Care Clinic.


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Learning About Clicker Training

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