Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Does Your Cat Really Care?

by Doris Washington

Dog owners know their dogs love and need them. Dogs do not pretend to be independent. On the other hand, even the most devoted cat owner may wonder if their cat has any true affection for them. After all, they like to be mysterious and sometimes appear totally indifferent, even when you board them. How can you tell if your cat really cares?

Separation Anxiety

An English study suggests that your cat doesn't give a fig if you leave them with someone else. When they were left with a stranger, they showed no more anxiety than when they were with their owners. The only different reaction the cats had was to meow more when their owners left the room, possibly more out of annoyance than anything else. In short, your cat doesn't worry when you are gone. Although, this fact may hurt your feelings a bit, at least you don't have to feel bad when you board your cat for a week or two. As long as someone feeds your pet and gives it attention, your cat will be fine and certainly not pine away for you. 

Attachment (Love)

Although your cat may not miss you, they can still love you. In fact, if cats don't like you they simply won't tolerate living with you. They also engage in certain behaviors that demonstrate their affection. For instance, you know a cat likes and trusts you if they let you rub their tummy. When they allow this act, they are at your mercy. Of course, they love the feeling, but they won't let just anyone rub their bellies. Dead rodents are another sign that your cat has a warm, fuzzy feeling about you. Cats only bring dead things to those that they love or at least like. Also, if your cat doesn't recognize your personal space, it may be sometimes uncomfortable, but it also means that your cat has affection or at least tolerance for you. Cats will not stay around people they do not like, choosing instead to hang out under the bed or some other hiding place. 

Cats are simply wired differently than dogs, so they are a little harder to read. Although their self-sufficiency means that they do not particularly miss you when you are not around, they still enjoy your company when you are. This attitude has benefits for you. You don't have to worry that they are unhappy when you are not there, so you can relax and enjoy your time away. To learn more, contact a cat boarding facility. 


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Learning About Clicker Training

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