Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

3 Ways To Prevent Skunks From Returning To Your Property

by Doris Washington

If you have recently had the unfortunate experience of sharing your property with one or more skunks, you already know that getting rid of them can be challenging. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn some easy ways to prevent those beautiful and often smelly animals from returning to the area. The following information will help you to make sure that skunks will bypass your property for the foreseeable future.

#1-Create An Inhospitable Living Environment

It is often surprising to learn that skunks are nocturnal creatures who prefer dark, quiet areas to nest in. When you make that area noisier and brighter, many skunks will voluntarily find another location for their home.

One option for changing their current environment can be the addition of parking, a porch, or patio lights. Another choice is the use of a radio or other musical device near where the suspected den is found. However, it is important to be sure that you add those items before dark, and you should be absolutely positive that there are no skunks already present. Otherwise, you could easily find that the skunk sprays you as a sign of their dislike of those modifications.

#2-Make The Den Challenging Or Uncomfortable To Access

If music and light have not provided you with the surety that skunks will not return, you can use kitty litter to make the den uncomfortable or awkward for the animal to access. If you pour a layer of kitty litter into the entry way and a skunk attempts to enter, you are likely to find that the tiny footprints stop part of the way through.

That is because kitty litter is unpleasant to traverse through. Alternatively, you could attempt the same process with castor oil. If you choose that option, it is crucial to be sure that other animals or young children who could sicken from castor oil cannot access the area.

#3-Regularly Check The Den For The Presence Of A Skunk

Although you have taken the necessary steps to prevent a skunk from finding your home to be an ideal location to nest, there is no guarantee that another skunk will not find your shed or the area under your home to be attractive. Therefore, it is best to check it regularly to see if there is any new evidence of a skunk's presence.

You will be able to easily check for the presence of a skunk if you fill the former den and the adjacent areas with straw, crumpled paper or a similar material that would change shape quickly if it were slept or walked on. Occasionally view the area to check for any obvious signs of a four-legged visitor. If you suspect that a skunk is once again present, call the exterminators, such as Animal Control Specialists Inc.

In conclusion, skunk removal should always be followed by preventative measures so that your home and property will continue to stay free of those odorous and unique animals. As a result, it is a good idea to be aware of the advice listed above. 


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