Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

4 Reasons To Put Your Cat In Kitty Daycare

by Doris Washington

If you are looking for a great place to take your cat while you are away, you should look into taking them to a kitty daycare. This article will discuss 4 reasons to put your cat in a kitty daycare. 

You Don't Have To Worry About Them Getting Into Trouble At Home 

When you go out of town, you likely have the option of leaving your cat at home, but this often isn't the best option. You may worry that your cat is going to run out of food, or that the person who is scheduled to feed them won't show up. You may also worry that they are going to get hurt on something, stuck somewhere, etc., and you won't be there to help them. All of these things are valid concerns and are things that you won't have to worry about if you take your cat to a kitty daycare. 

Your Cat Is Given Private Sleeping Quarters 

It is no secret that many cats are very territorial and generally like to have a space of their own. The kitty daycare that you take your cat to is going to realize this, and they are going to accommodate your cat by putting them in their own private sleeping quarters. This is going to be an enclosure that is all their own. The enclosure will include all of the basic necessities that your cat needs to be comfortable and happy, such as a cozy bed, food, and water. 

They Have Scheduled Play Time

Many kitty daycare locations also have a place where your cat can go to play and get out some of their energy. They with either play on their own, or they will be placed in the play area with other cats that they get along with. There will be scratching posts for them to sharpen their claws, carpeted toys to climb up, toy mice, and other fun toys of this nature. Having this scheduled play time keeps your cat entertained and happy while you are away. 

Special Considerations Are Made For Certain Cats 

If your cat has a specific diet that needs to be followed, medicines that need to be taken, help getting around, or other special condition, most kitty daycares are going to be willing to accommodate these things. You will simply need to tell the workers beforehand and show them what needs to be done, so that they know exactly what your cat needs in order to be kept safe, healthy, and happy while they are staying at the kitty daycare. 


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Learning About Clicker Training

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