Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

What To Remember When You Own A Pet Boa Constrictor

by Doris Washington

Boa constrictors can be rather good pets for people who are allergic to dander and who don't want to find hairs all over the place. The snakes are relatively laid-back and they don't require a lot of fancy toys or a massive living space (though they will need one large enough to accommodate their full size). They're certainly larger than geckos, for example, but you can easily keep the snakes in a regular-sized home, and even an apartment. However, if you're about to buy a boa constrictor, keep these things in mind to ensure you're getting a good match as a pet.

Their Strength Is No Joke

Boa constrictors squeeze prey -- and occasionally your arm. Their strength is not a joke, and you should be careful about how you hold a constrictor to ensure it doesn't mistake your warm arm with a pulse for something living that might be snake food. Do not wrap the snake around your neck, even as a joke.

You Have to Feed Them Mice

Keep in mind that a major food group for snakes are rodents like mice. If you have a pet snake, that means you get to provide those mice. You don't have to actually hold onto the mouse as the snake grabs it (thank goodness), but you'll have to deal with dropping the mouse into the snake's cage. In many cases, live mice can be used; you can also find companies that provide dead, frozen animals for pet snake consumption. However, sometimes the snakes don't like the pre-killed food.

Sometimes the Mice Are Smarter Than You Think

If you find your snake will only eat live food, like small mice, remember this: Mice can be rather dumb when confronted by a snake, most of the time. Remember that these aren't wild mice who have developed a sense of danger -- they're tame mice raised as food. However, sometimes you get a smart one who realizes what's going on and who will try to escape. Ensure the snake's enclosure does not have small holes that the mouse can squeeze through.

Snakes Like Warm Computers

Snakes, including boa constrictors, like warmth, and they will curl up on warm computers. This can be a real problem if you like to work on cobbling computer parts together and regularly have semi-open towers in your home. Always check those thoroughly to ensure the snake hasn't slithered inside, or ensure that the snake is in its enclosure when you work on your computer.

Talk to the store or person with reptiles for sale. Ensure you're dealing with reptile specialists who can point you toward food sources and help you with newbie boa constrictor owner questions.


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