Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

4 Signs Your Dog Needs Obedience Training

by Doris Washington

Although dog is thought to be man's best friend, this doesn't mean the two are always living in harmony. This is particularly the case when the dog isn't behaving well. Obedience training can eliminate this problem and even improve your relationship with your pet. Learn whether your dog is showing telltale signs that obedience training might be a good idea.

Tail Chasing

If your dog is in a constant battle to catch their tail, you might have a problem on your hands. The tail chases itself isn't exactly the problem, but it's what the behavior derives from that you need to focus on. Boredom, aggression and stimulation concerns are just some of the issues that can lead to this type of behavior. When not addressed, tail chasing can quickly turn into more destructive behaviors.

Constant Barking

If you live in an apartment or other area where you are close to your neighbors, constant barking is a problem. If your dog doesn't seem to stop barking, this could be a behavior issue; especially if there isn't really anything that is making the animal bark, such as a having a strange person in the home. This can also be linked to a behavioral problem if the dog continues to bark even after your efforts to make them stop.


Aggression is one of the most blatant signs that your dog is in need of obedience training. This behavior isn't just problematic, it can also be dangerous. A dog that is overly aggressive won't just lunge, bark and growl at strangers, but they may also start to display these behaviors towards you, making your home a place of fear rather than a place of peace and comfort. A dog behaving in this matter needs to be addressed right away.

Leash Issues

Another indication to look for is a dog that gives you problems staying on the leash. For instance, when you put your dog on a leash to walk through the park, does the dog constantly try to pull away or run, even when you're tugging on the leash for them to come back. This is a behavioral issue that speaks to a dog that has problems obeying and taking direction. Similar to tail chasing, this behavior can lead to other issues.

If your pet is showing these signs, it might be a good idea to start investigating a local obedience training program in your area as this program can help your animal. Click here for more info on pet services.  


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