Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Things To Know about Owning a Yorkie

by Doris Washington

Yorkies quickly become members of the family and bring their owners a lot of joy. Getting a new Yorkie puppy can be very fun and exciting, but if you have never owned this breed before you need to be prepared. If you are considering bringing a Yorkie puppy into your home, continue reading to learn more about the breed and how to care for them before looking for Yorkie puppies for sale.

House Breaking

Like many small breeds of dogs, it can be difficult to house break Yorkies and train them to go to the bathroom outside. Before bringing your Yorkie puppy home, it is a good idea to stock up on puppy pads. You may also want to think about purchasing a small kennel and crate training your Yorkie. It is important to remember that Yorkie puppies have very small bladders, so make sure you take your new puppy outside regularly.


Yorkies have fine, soft hair that can grow quite long if not attended to. Thus, if you have a Yorkie puppy, you will need to plan on having him or her groomed regularly. In addition, you should brush your dog's coat several times a week to prevent tangles and matting. With regular grooming, Yorkies are incredibly cute!

Petite Size

Yorkies are a toy breed of dogs, and they remain very small even when fully grown. These dogs have very fine bones, and they can be quite tiny when they are puppies, so you will have to handle them very carefully to prevent injury. After bringing your Yorkie puppy home, make sure you pay close attention to where your dog is. Accidentally stepping on a Yorkie pup or sitting on one can cause extensive injuries.

Finicky Eating

Since Yorkies are so adorable, they can be hard to resist. But feeding your Yorkie table scraps and other human food can lead to very picky eating and refusing their dog food. Your best bet is to invest in a very high-quality dog food that is designed for toy breeds. If your Yorkie begins to refuse to eat, consider changing their food, but resist giving them scraps of your food.


Yorkies can be very loving and playful, but it is important to socialize them when they are puppies. A Yorkie that is not properly socialized can grow up to be a dog that is nervous, suspicious of strangers, and prone to excessive barking. If you take the time to socialize your Yorkie, you will have a very loving companion. 


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Learning About Clicker Training

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