Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Three Safeguards That Will Help Keep Your New Puppy Safe In Your Home

by Doris Washington

If you're like most people who are looking for a  cockapoo puppy for sale, you probably can't wait until the day you get to bring your furry friend home. You've probably already stocked up on chew toys, puppy food, and other items necessary to ensure the health and happiness of your pup. However, many new puppy owners overlook certain household hazards that can cause harm to their new canine companion. Following are three safeguards you should commit yourself take before you bring that puppy home. 

Take Stock of Your Houseplants

Curious puppies will chew on just about anything, and certain house plants can cause illness and even death if ingested. Culprits include Peace Lilies, Caladium, Dieffenbachia, and Aloe Vera. If you have any of these in your home, make sure they're high enough off the ground so that they're out of the reach of your playful pup.

Outdoor plants can also be poisonous to dogs, so keep this in mind in case you'll be leaving your pet outdoors. Common plants that are toxic to dogs include Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Castor Bean, Begonias, and many more. It's best to keep your dog contained in a dog run when its outside rather than giving it free run of the yard even if it's enclosed by a good fence. 

Keep Purses Out of Fluffy's Reach

The average purse is a treasure trove for the average curious puppy. Full of mysterious things to chew on and enticing smells, purses often contain items that can be harmful. For instance, if you have candy or gum that contains aspartame or other artificial sweeteners such as stevia, sucralose, or saccharin, you may be making an unplanned trip to the emergency vet if your dog ingests these things. Chocolate is also toxic to dogs, and common grooming products commonly carried in purses such as hand lotion often contain a compound known as xylitol that can be fatal to dogs. Keep your purse on a sturdy hook far enough off the ground so your furry friend can't access it. 

Keep Anything With Batteries Out of Reach

Key fobs, cell phones, remote controls, and other items that use batteries should be kept well out of the reach of your furry friend. Sharp puppy teeth can puncture these devices, and even some of the batteries are very small, swallowing them can be fatal to your dog. Remember that puppies will chew on almost anything. 

Your cockapoo breeder can provide you with more information on providing a safe environment for your new puppy. 


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Learning About Clicker Training

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