Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Can Your Dog Be A Service Dog? What You Need To Know

by Doris Washington

Service dogs are seen around a lot more lately. They serve a purpose for those with disabilities or medical disorders to help when needed. Some disabilities or disorders that service dogs assist with include blindness or deafness, anxiety, seizures, diabetes, or even helping those that need a wheelchair. Service dogs can assist the old and the young. If you are wondering if your dog can be a service dog, read on for further information.

What Breed Of Dog Do You Have?

Most service dogs are usually Labrador retrievers or golden retrievers, although some other dog breeds may also be well-suited to be a service dog. A larger breed dog can be beneficial to those that may require their "muscle" to do things such as pull a wheelchair if needed. Other dog breeds may be better suited to be a therapy dog rather than a service dog. A therapy dog is one that helps bring joy to others, or can help young children feel more comfortable.

Is Your Dog Trained?

A trained dog should do more than just sit on command or be potty trained. A dog that may be eligible to be a service dog should sit on command, come to you on command, pay attention to you without being distracted by anything around him, go potty on command, and lay down on command. Your dog's behavior should be calm, able to be around people and other dogs, and be friendly with people and other dogs. If you think your dog has these qualities, you can have your dog trained by a professional dog trainer that specializes in training service dogs.

Where Can Your Service Dog Go?

Service dogs can go anywhere you go. Since service dogs are comparable to a piece of medical equipment, your service dog can go anywhere with you. Most stores or restaurants will have a plaque on the entrance that states "service dogs welcome". Be sure to have your service dog certificate with you just in case the service dog vest isn't enough. 

How Do You Get A Certification?

To get service dog certification, you can use the company that is training your dog, or you can contact a service dog organization to have your dog certified and for your dog's service dog vest to be worn anytime you are in public with your dog.

Service dogs are needed by those with disabilities and other medical disorders. Have your dog certified as a service dog only if he is trained properly and only to be used as a working service dog, not because you simply want to take your dog with you wherever you go.


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