Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

4 Different Type Of Health Hazards For Your Pet In Your Home

by Doris Washington

When it comes to hazards for your pets, all of the hazards are not outside. There are lots of hazards inside your house for your pets that you need to be aware of. Once you are aware of the hazards in your home, you can take steps to protect your pets and make sure that your home is as safe a place as possible for them.

#1 Holiday Decorations

It is okay to decorate your home for the holidays, but make sure that you are careful about where you put decorations. You want to keep your decorations away from your pets. There are lots of holiday decorations throughout the year that can be tough on your pet.

For example, tinsel, garland, and garnish can damage your pet's intestines. Decorate with real grass or crumpled paper instead, which will not harm your pet. Confetti and balloons can also be choking hazards for your pets.

Candles, at any time of the year, could harm your pets. Be careful with candles around Halloween and Christmas—the two times of year that candles are frequently used.

Christmas is full of hazards, from ribbon, decorative hooks, ornaments, and tree water.

#2 Small Toys

Small toys can be a big choking hazard for your pets. Small, colorful toys attract your pet's attention. If you have small children and pets in your home, teach your kids from a young age to pick up their small toys, and stay on top of picking up small toys yourself as well.

#3 Drinks

A lot of the things that you drink are not good for your pets. Coffee, tea, and alcohol are all damaging to your pet. Never give your pet alcohol, as it can have a range of dangerous consequences, from vomiting and diarrhea to difficulty breathing and central nervous system depression. It's not funny to give your pet drinks other than water.

#4 Bones

Giving your pet bones so that they can enjoy the meat that is left on them may seem like a good idea. However, cooked bones can be really bad news for your dog. Cooked bones can splinter and cut the inside of your dog's mouth. If your dog swallows the bone instead of just chewing off the meet, the bones can puncture and damage your dog's stomach and esophagus.

Be aware of all the hazards in your home, and work to protect your pet from these hazards. Be careful with small items, from holiday decorations to toys to bones, which your pets may try to consume. Never give your pet drinks or food designed for humans. For more information, talk to an animal care hospital near you.


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