Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

What Should Students Do When Seeking Veterinary Internship Opportunities?

by Doris Washington

Becoming a veterinarian will allow you to help animals in your daily life. Veterinarians keep household pets, farm animals, and exotic animals healthy through medical care. To become a veterinarian, you'll need to attend several years of school. You may also want to complete a veterinary internship to learn while working in your chosen field. Here are four things that veterinary students seeking veterinary internship opportunities should do:

1. Find an internship suitable for your level of schooling.

Veterinary internships are available both pre- and post-schooling. Vet students who are still completing their program should look for internships geared toward students. If you've already received your diploma from a veterinary program, you can still take advantage of vet internship opportunities. In this case, you can simply look for internships available to newly licensed veterinarians.

2. Look for a summer program.

Vet students who are still attending school full-time can take advantage of internship opportunities by looking for summer programs. These internships take place during the months when school is typically out of session, so they won't conflict with your schedule. Summer programs are an excellent way to further your knowledge year-round. 

3. Pursue an internship in your specialty.

The field of veterinary medicine and encompasses many specialties. No matter what type of veterinary medicine you're interested in, you can find an internship that caters to your studies. People who hope to work in a zoo one day can intern with vets who specialize in treating exotic animals. Take the time to seek out internship opportunities that will be maximally beneficial to your career trajectory.

4. Work hard as an intern.

Veterinary internships can be paid or unpaid positions. Even while working as a volunteer, you should do your best and work hard to learn everything you can. These internships can lead to jobs in the future. Working hard can impress your employer, which may lead to letters of recommendation or even a callback when a full-time position opens up. You should do your best to make a good impression at your internship.

An internship can help you start your future career as a veterinarian off on the right foot. It will allow you to learn from more experienced veterinarians and vet techs. To take advantage of a veterinary internship opportunity, start researching your options in advance. Once you're ready, select your internship carefully and get ready to work with dedication. 


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