Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Benefits Of Buying A Reptile As A Pet

by Doris Washington

When asked to name pets, most people first think of dogs and cats. However, there are a good number of reptiles that are regularly kept as pets, too. Snakes, lizards, and newts can all make great pets. But what are the benefits of buying a reptile as a pet? Take a look.

1. They don't shed.

Dog and cat owners are always complaining that their homes are covered in fur. Some even refuse to wear black clothing because it immediately gets covered in pet hair! This is an issue you won't have to deal with if you choose a reptile as a pet. Scaly creatures like snakes don't have hair, and they don't shed, so you won't have to constantly lint roll your clothing.

2. They live in cages.

Sure, you can let your iguana out to roam for a little while or put your newt on the bathroom floor for a time. But for the most part, reptiles live in cages. This means they won't get caught underfoot when you're walking across the house. They won't make a mess while you're out or poop on the carpet. Also, you can move the cage as needed.

3.You don't have to train them.

There are people who have taught their reptiles tricks, but this is purely optional. When you get a reptile as a pet, you don't have to take it to obedience training classes or teach it to use a litter box. You don't have to spend weeks getting up in the middle of the night to teach it to go potty outside, either. This saves you time and money.

4. They don't make much noise.

Most reptiles don't make any noises at all. Some lizards may squeak or squeal on occasion, but they don't even do this on a daily basis. You won't have a neighbor knocking on your door because your pet snake is barking at 2:00 am, and you won't wake up to the lizard meowing in the living room, either. If you like a quiet space or live close to neighbors, buying a reptile is a great choice.

Reptiles deserve more attention as the great pets that they truly can be. The fact that they live in cages and are quiet makes them good for apartment dwellers. And the fact that they don't shed and don't require training makes them easy for anyone to have and love.

For more information about reptiles for sale, contact a local pet store.


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