Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Purchased A New Puppy? 2 Tips To Make Sure It Stays Healthy And Safe

by Doris Washington

A new puppy can be a great addition to a family especially if you set up your home correctly and make plans. Below are two tips to help you make sure your new puppy stays healthy and safe in and outside your home.

Vet Hospital

One of the most important people in your life with a new puppy is a veterinarian. Not only can they start your puppy out right by giving them the right vaccinations and examinations, but they can also give you many tips. While you are at the vet's office, ask them where the local animal hospital is. Having this information with you can save your puppy's life if they are injured in any way. 

Vet hospitals can provide more services compared to regular vet clinics. They can do laboratory and radiology tests for your puppy. They are also equipped to do surgery if your puppy needs it. They can do dental work on your puppy. Vet hospitals generally have more vets and vet techs on staff so you know there will be enough people to take care of your puppy when you arrive at the vet hospital. Many vet hospitals are also open much longer when compared to vet clinics. This means if your puppy is injured or gets sick very late you can take them to a vet hospital for treatment. 

Talk with the vet at the vet hospital and they can give you much more information on the services they can offer your pet.  

Food and Exercise

The type of food you feed your puppy is very important. There are many types you can choose from in a supermarket, but this food is generally not healthy. Instead, purchase food from a vet or a pet store. The vet can suggest the type of food your puppy should eat.

Along with choosing food, make sure your new puppy gets enough exercise. This will not only keep it healthy, but exercise will help with high-energy dogs since they will be too tired to cause a lot of trouble inside your home.

If you have a large backyard, consider fencing it in to give your puppy freedom while they are playing. Purchase toys that you can throw to your puppy and teach them to bring them back to you for you to throw them again. When installing a fence, consider how large your new puppy is going to be when they are an adult so the fencing will be tall enough. 

You and your puppy can enjoy a long and happy life together by following these tips.  


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Learning About Clicker Training

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