Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Dog

by Doris Washington

Getting a dog is a big decision. The next big decision will be choosing where to get one from. However, there's one place you can adopt from that makes you a hero. That would be to adopt from an animal shelter. If you haven't visited a shelter before, you may be unaware of just how big a problem dog overpopulation is. This article will provide information on the benefits of adopting a shelter dog. 

You'll Save More Than One Life

Animal shelters get so full that they often euthanize the dogs who've been there for a while to make space for others. The time a dog has before being euthanized varies from one shelter to the next. However, some only give them a few weeks to find a new home. 

The shelters don't want to euthanize dogs, but it's the only way to create more space when not enough people are adopting from shelters. When you adopt a shelter dog, you'll be saving its life. You'll also help create space for another dog to get a chance at finding a loving home, essentially saving two lives at once. 

You'll Get a Loving Pet With a Personality You Appreciate

Shelter dogs have so much love to give. Many who adopt shelter dogs get loyal companions who never quit showing gratitude. 

When you visit the shelter, you can interact with any of the dogs you're interested in, so you'll know which one you're compatible with. Sometimes, there are grassy areas where you can play with the dogs and see more of their actual personalities. 

You'll Become Part of the Solution

When you adopt a shelter dog, you become part of the solution to dog overpopulation. You'll give a dog a wonderful life, and the adoption fee will go toward caring for the other dogs in the shelter. 

You'll Get a Dog That's Been Given Proper Medical Treatment

A dog will get an exam and necessary medical care to ensure it's healthy. They'll also get vaccinated against common canine diseases and spayed or neutered before they're adopted out. 

That means you'll bring home a dog that's healthy and unable to breed, ensuring it doesn't accidentally contribute to the overpopulation of dogs. 


Now that you understand why you should adopt a shelter dog, you'll want to visit a shelter. Shelters have puppies and dogs of all breeds, mixes, ages, and personalities. That lets you know you can find one who'll fit right in with your family. 

If you'd like to adopt a shelter dog, contact a local shelter. 


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