Learning About Clicker Training

Learning About Clicker Training

  • Can Your Dog Be A Service Dog? What You Need To Know

    Service dogs are seen around a lot more lately. They serve a purpose for those with disabilities or medical disorders to help when needed. Some disabilities or disorders that service dogs assist with include blindness or deafness, anxiety, seizures, diabetes, or even helping those that need a wheelchair. Service dogs can assist the old and the young. If you are wondering if your dog can be a service dog, read on for further information.

  • 2 Ways To Tell When It's Time To Take Your Cat To The Vet

    Cats are amazing pets, but they can also be quite difficult to take care of because they often do not show very visible signs of distress or pain. As a result, it can be very easy to overlook your cat's potentially serious health issues. Listed below are two ways to tell when it is time to take your cat to the vet. Grooming Problems Since cats are extremely fastidious when it comes to keeping themselves groomed, it is very likely that your cat is experiencing some kind of discomfort or illness if he or she has stopped grooming effectively.

  • How to Protect Your Mini Dachshund from IVDD

    Intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD, impacts mini dachshunds at a high rate and causes too many to be put down every year. If you have a mini that you'd rather keep away from this back problem, please read on to learn more. IVDD in Mini Dachshunds IVDD is a disease that impacts the spinal column when the discs between the vertebrae burst. This is common in a variety of dogs, including the dachshund, due to their long back.

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Learning About Clicker Training

Hello, my name is Maria. I am here to talk to you about clicker training and other programs for your pets. Clicker training is an effective way to teach animals of all kinds to perform specific behaviors. This type of training has been successfully used for dolphins, horses, dogs, cats and even fish. I will talk about the mechanics behind different training methods and ways to use these techniques for your own animals. I hope you can use the information on my site to teach your pets how to behave and perform fun tricks. Thank for visiting my website. Please come back soon.